"This Book Has Helped Me Defeat Disappointment and Renew My Joy Again!" - James M.
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Recapture Your Hope, Strengthen Your Faith and Experience Freedom With the Art Of Joy.
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Go Beyond Coping With Pain and Disappointment.
Annihilate It With Joy and Laughter Once and For All!
What the Art of Joy Will Teach You
The Art of Joy is designed to develop you into someone who is full of faith, hope, and love. Someone who believes to see the goodness of The Lord right where you live. The Art of Joy practically answers the "how to" on hoping against all hope.
What You'll Learn...
  • Destroy every yoke with joy and laughter (heaviness, guilt, anger, fear, confusion, discouragement, and disappointment)
  • Uncover tell-tale signs of unrecognized disappointment and the steps necessary to walk in freedom and purpose. 
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of God’s love for and commitment for you.
  • Discover why faith, hope, and love are God's eternal forces, available to you now.
  • Return to the high places of quality living with the goodness of The Lord!
  • Develop the power of laughing on purpose to defeat every unwanted circumstance
"Laughter is the best medicine for you. The Art of Joy will teach you the fine art of laughing on purpose. You'll experience freedom like never before. " - Pastor Tracey Armstrong
About The Author
Tracey Armstrong
Tracey and Nathalie Armstrong are on the front line of the new generation of "supernaturalists" being raised up in the world today. They travel throughout the world ministering and demonstrating the heart and mind of Christ as they are used to set people free from the bondage of sin, and introduce them to a new intimacy with God.
God has raised Tracey up to be an utterance of His voice for this hour, as he ministers under a powerful prophetic mantle and healing anointing. His wife Nathalie ministers alongside him and operates under strong teaching and healing gifts; the fire of God's Spirit blazes forth to bring physical and emotional healing to every man, woman, and child who will receive it. 
What People Are Saying About The Art of Joy
  • This book is such a blessing. Pastor Tracey really allowed God to speak through him in every sentence. I didn't even realize that my view of God had been tainted by life! Pastor Tracey beautifully shows connections between various versus and passages of the Bible that brought me clarity and revelation on who God is and how much joy He desires for me to live in!
    Kristen H.
  • Tracey Armstrong has uniquely woven scripture and life stories in a way that is not only easy to associate with but causes you to really rethink past situations and it touches the heart and soul of the individual reading it. This is a must read for all, those in good situations and bad.
    Oswald L.
  • The Art of Joy completely changes the way I look at disappointments in life. Now they are a spring board for something much more Joyful and loving in my life. 
    Joyce D
  • Truly a life-changer... I had not known myself as well as I thought, and was thus not able to rise to the identity God called me to, until I dealt with myself using this book. 
    Fely W.
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